Simple Measures to Keep Your Sliding Glass Door Safe

A sliding glass door makes a great impact on your home. They are stylish, stunning and a great way to convert your home into an open plan entertaining centre. They allow you to take advantage of natural light during even the darkest days of winter. However, it is important to keep your sliding glass doors safe and secure in order to protect your home and your family. So join us as we discuss our simple ways of keeping your sliding glass doors in good repair!

Blocking the Track

Blocking the track of your sliding glass door from the inside is easy. But it is also an excellent way to prevent burglars from simply sliding their way into your home. If you sliding glass door track has a deep space on the inside, you can fill it with material to block the door from opening. This material can then be easily removed when you want your sliding door to open once more. It also helps childproof your home, to stop young children wandering outside!

Full Covering Curtains

Covering your windows with curtains or blinds is always a good idea and this is no less true when it comes to sliding glass doors. With their dual function as both door and window, curtain coverings can keep your home cool in summer and prevent people seeing inside your home. Further, curtains or blinds can provide some protection for your glass from the inside against errant toys.

Commercial Locks

There are hundreds of different commercial locks available at your local hardware store. Locks can be installed on almost any kind of sliding glass door to keep it safe and secure. There are both key and lock, and even batter powered, audible systems in order to secure your sliding doors. If in doubt, you can always contact a professional, like Big Kev’s Glass, to help you with installation.

Home Alarm Systems

Sliding glass doors are picturesque but they can also be the weakest security point of your home. Contact a qualified, registered home security technician to help you connect your sliding glass doors to your home security system. This way, you can be forewarned should anyone try to enter your home through your sliding doors.

Safety and Security Films

Safety and security films are a cost effective, fantastic option to protect your glass from storm and accidental damage. These clear barrier films reinforces your glass and holds it safely in place when impacted.

Dirty or Broken Sliding Door Rollers

Rollers are integral to your sliding glass door’s operation. They allow the door to easily slid in and out of its track. However, these areas of your door all too often attract dust, dirt and debris throughout the lifetime of your doors and home. If they aren’t regularly cleaned, this can cause bends or cracks to develop in your sliding glass door track. Regularly cleaning can prevent you from costly repairs and can easily become part of your daily cleaning routine.

Broken Sliding Door Glass

Sometimes our best efforts are for naught. When this happens, it is best to get a professional in to help you get your sliding glass doors repaired quickly and professionally. Over the years the parts that make up your sliding doors can break. Here are a few issues to watch out for:

Stripped or Missing Roller Screws

If your sliding glass door seems to jump in its track, it can throw the entire door out of alignment. Your sliding doors may become impossible to close or open until you get the problem fixed. It is important to check the screws on your rollers when the door rolls on its track. Loosened screws can be tightened with a screwdriver, however stripped screws can be a tricker problem, requiring replacement.

Bent Door Tracks

Sometimes the sliding glass door tracks can become bent out of shape. This will cause your sliding door rollers to jump off track. Repairing this issue requires an expert to manipulate the track back into shape and realign your door. It is important to get a professional, like the team at Big Kev’s Glass, in to help you when your door or door track is damaged to ensure the repair is carefully done and no further damage is done to your doors.

Broken  Sliding Glass Door

The worst thing that can happen to your sliding glass doors are cracks or broken glass panes. Panes can be easily broken by storm and weather damage, accidents, toys or burglars. Not only are broken windows a security risk but broken or cracked glass can be extremely dangerous to your family. Broken or cracked glass needs to be replaced or repaired as soon as possible. Big Kev’s Glass is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for all your emergency glass repair needs. Contact us today on 0407 577 787 to find out how!