5 Quick Glass Window Replacement Tips

We know so much about glass, its bursting from the seams. Read below our top five glass window replacement tips.

1. Replace a cracked window without delay

A large crack in a window needs to be replaced quickly – especially in the home or workplace due to it being a safety risk. When a piece of glass cracks, a weak spot is created. The bigger the crack, the weaker the glass becomes and the sooner the window will break. You will then create a hazard for your family, pets and customers, so it’s always a good idea to replace glass with large cracks immediately.

2. Get a window replaced fast

We can replace broken glass quickly. We have a 24-hour glass replacement service, meaning we’re available at any time, every day of the week. When replacing a modern window, we can have a new pane installed in just a couple of hours. Older styles, uncommon or unique glass may take more time to source from suppliers and install.

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3. Smaller windows can be more affordable

Large windows allow more light into a room and look stunning when used the right way, however, replacing the glass in a large window can become rather costly. One way to lower the cost of glass window replacement is to insert a smaller window inside the existing opening. That could be by dividing one large window into a number of smaller windows. Generally, smaller pieces of glass are cheaper, they’re easier to transport and quicker to install. For more, get in touch with Big Kev’s Glass to work out what’s best for your property.

4. The wrong glass can lower the value of your home

At Big Kev’s Glass, we see many cases where people have installed the wrong kind of glass. The customer might not have known the best type of glass to install and it doesn’t look right or perform as it should. We also see examples where someone has tried to install the glass themselves and done so incorrectly. You could turn one big window into smaller windows, but if done poorly, it could lower the value of your home. Saving money in the short term could have a negative effect on your home in the longer term – especially when it comes time to sell.

Remember that while it might look ok to you, it may not look ok to a potential buyer. That’s why we recommend chatting with us for some expert advice.

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5. Improve your energy bills

Comfortable air can move through glass and escape from your home, meaning your air-con and heater has to work harder to maintain the set temperature. Also, over time, draughts can appear and cold air can start to flow into your home, which is never ideal. When you’re replacing a glass window, it’s a good idea to choose the right glass and install it correctly. Doing so will help to reduce the cost of your energy bills.

If you have any questions about glass window replacement, contact Big Kev’s Glass.