3 Things You Need Know About Glass Crack Repair

Glass crack repair may not be high on your to-do list but we think it should. Please see below our top 3 reasons you should get your glass crack repaired.

Cracked glass doesn’t look great anywhere – especially in a window. Also, while cracked glass might seem stable for the moment, it could break at any time. However, if a crack is small, you may not need to replace the whole piece of glass.

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1. Cracked Glass Will Break

Once glass is damaged, it becomes considerably weaker, so when you crack a piece of glass, you also create a weak spot. A weak spot means that at some stage, it will break.

Over time a smaller crack will grow into a larger one, and if that glass is in a high-traffic area, it the crack will grow quicker. And for things like glass coffee tables, it won’t be long before the glass cracks and breaks. In both cases, you don’t know when that break will happen.

As you know, once glass breaks, it becomes a safety hazard for you, your family, pets or customers. The unpredictability of just when that glass means that you should consider getting cracked glass fixed or replaced as soon as possible.

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2. Cracks Can Increase Your Energy Bill

As mentioned just above, any kind of crack in a window will create a weak spot. It also gives the air from inside your home a place to escape and the air from outside a place to enter.

This kind of movement of air means that your heater or air-conditioner will need to work harder to maintain a set temperature. This is a good reason why you might like to jump on repairing a cracked window sooner rather than later – if you leave it for a while the more your energy bills may suffer in the longer term.

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3. Small Cracks Need To Be Replaced

There might be a time when you come across a small crack or chip in a piece of glass.  It unforently doesnt matter what size the crack is, it will always need the whole piece of glass replaced.

For complete glass replacement at any time of day or night, simply get in touch.

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