5 Benefits Of Window Frame Repair That May Change Your Perspective

Repairing a window with the right kind of glass has many benefits from security and safety to reducing energy costs. There are also a lot of positives to window frame repair that you may not know of. Here are a few benefits that may change your perspective and get you thinking more about your window frame repair.

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1. Reduce costs of future window frame repair

It’s very common to see homes built with wooden window frames, particularly in older buildings when timber was the most common building material, however, when exposed to the elements, wood can deteriorate and rot over time if not maintained, and those costs can add up.

While timber may be cheaper in the short term, making the switch from wood to metal or vinyl will reduce the cost of repairs and maintenance in the future as a result of weather and termite damage.

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2. Reduce your energy bill

You can prevent comfortable air from inside your home from escaping (and the hot or cold air from outside working its way in) by installing double-glazed windows.

Replacing your window frames to energy efficient ones will mean that you will reduce draughts that may have been present with your existing older, poorly maintained or poorly installed frames.

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3. Improve security

There have been many improvements to home security over the years and this includes window frames. If you live in an older home, it might be a good idea to install a modern deadlock system on a window frame to reduce the possibility of a break in.

Depending on the window frame, you might be able to simply update the lock to a deadlock system, but it might be a good idea to chat with Big Kev’s Glass to see if your home would be more secure with a new window frame.

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4. Remove lead from around your home

Lead based paint was fairly common over 60 years ago. While it has since been banned across Australia, it may have been used around your home – including your window frames – particularly if your home was built before 1960.

The biggest issue is if you disturb the paint and expose yourself in the future, perhaps during maintenance or DIY projects.

We can remove window frames that have been painted in lead based paint safely.

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5. Painted shut?

It’s quite common to see windows that are in great working order but are painted shut (we see them all the time). Quite often clients are surprised to learn that they don’t actually need to replace a window frame.

We use a number of techniques to free a window that has been painted shut without damaging the frame.

It’s understandable that you don’t keep a keen eye on our window frames, so it might be worth taking a quick walk around your property – you might discover that some window frames need to be repaired.

If you do find that it’s time for window frame repair (or glass repair), talk to Big Kev’s Glass. Contact us now for our 24/7 window frame repair services!

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