Accidents Happen – Broken Window Repair

broken windowUnfortunately accidents happen. But there are few things that can shatter your peace of mind like a broken window. A broken window can occur due to a wide range of accidents from balls, rocks, branches or storm damage. Age can also cause glass to crack or break.

Further, a broken window can be caused by closing a window or door too hard, temperature differences and even during installation or as a new house settles. A broken window is not always caused by cracked or broken glass. Mechanism and frame issues can cause a window to become stuck, open or closed. Damaged or broken windows can be inconvenient or downright dangerous.

Broken Window Repair

Window repair is essential. If your damage is caused by storm damage, or similar, it is important to contact your insurance company first. Should there be broken glass that needs to be cleaned up immediately, ensure you take photos, inside and outside, beforehand. If you are the victim of a burglary do not touch the broken window, call the police first.

If the window only has a crack or chip, you can carefully tape the crack before calling for a professional broken window repair. Should you choose – or need to – clean before help can arrive, make sure you wear strong gloves and footwear to prevent dangerous injuries from the broken glass. However, it can be very dangerous to clean broken glass on your own. It is difficult to find all glass remnants, and often chips and splinters can remain. Failing to clear all glass or not wearing protective clothing can result in serious injury. Where possible, it is best left to professionals.

Further, mechanics can be easily broken – especially if the frames contain brittle plastics – stopping your window or door from opening or closing properly. Repair might require taking the window or door apart, replacing the internal mechanics, or will need to be replaced entirely.

During bad weather, if you have a large area of damage, it might be necessary to protect the area from further weather damage. You can cover these large areas with plastic tarp or plastic garbage bags, taped on the inside and outside, while you wait for broken window repair. Further, it is important to protect your family and friends from the dangers of broken or falling glass.

Window Repairs Melbourne

It is important to seek professional help for broken window repairs as soon as possible and should be taken seriously. The faster you act, the more likely you can avoid a full window replacement. Even a small crack, if left unrepaired, can turn into a far bigger and more expensive issues.

Broken windows provide easy access to burglars, posing a security threat for both residential and commercial properties. Finally, broken windows or doors can let cold air and moisture into your home, impacting your heating bill and causing water damage. It is important to seek out broken window repair as soon as possible.

You can never predict when you might need emergency glass solutions. Broken windows and doors can be worrisome, with even a small crack posing a threat. Window repairs in Melbourne can restore the home security. It is important to seek professional help as soon as you notice damage to your windows or doors. Big Kev’s window repairs have 24 emergency services. Our professionals are available all hours of the day and night, should an emergency situation arise. Contact Us today for more information now!